Country of origin Spain
Producer Spain

For sensitive skin

Wax with shea extract from Depileve effectively removes hair, nourishes and softens the skin. Ideal for both professional and home use. Wax does not irritate the skin and perfectly removes hair of varying length and thickness, leaving no broken hairs.

  Titanium dioxide
Gives to the wax texture creaminess, making wax easier and faster to apply. In addition, the titanium dioxide has a softening effect, gives the skin smoothness, removes redness from skin and painful feelings during depilation
The natural beeswax is enriched with mineral salts and proteins. Protects the skin during and after depilation, makes the depilation procedure much more comfortable, provides the moistening and nourishment of the skin
  Complex of vegetable oils 
Provides nourishment, moistening and protection of skin during and after depilation. Has good adhesive properties. Has minimal injuring effect
  Shea extract
Has moisturizing effect. Is a natural softening agent, soothes the skin during depilation

Heat the wax in the cartridge heater to a liquid state. Next, lightly pressing down gently apply the wax to the surface of the cleaned skin with a thin layer in the direction of hair growth. Put on the generated film of wax the depilatory paper and slightly press down palm. When the wax has cooled (but not harden), tear away the putted paper by a sharp movement against the hair growth.

Application field   arms, legs, underarms, bikini area etc.
Volume   100ml
Code 2931
Price 500 (AMD)

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