Delivery and Payment


1. General information

1.1. The order placed on the site is your proposal to the Company to obtain any product by buying and delivering. The proposal is deemed to be received, if on your web page the Company will confirm the application for the order, which will include all the details of the order. This response is considered as contract between the Company and you.

1.2. In you choose the preferred product, fill in your delivery address, telephone number, and additional details (optional). For example, you can help the driver to easily find your house. The Company’s worker can phone you to get more details.


2. Cost, geography and duration

2.1. The website’s delivery covers the whole territory of the Republic of Armenia and the Republic of Nagorno-Karabakh

2.2. Below is the list of the Armenian towns, delivery cost and average duration. 

 City  Price Minute +/-
 Yerevan  0  60 AMD
 Abovyan  1500  195 AMD
 Alaverdi  12000  115 AMD
 Aghveran  3500  105 AMD
 Aparan  4000  60 AMD
 Ashtarak  1500  95 AMD
 Ararat  4000  75 AMD
 Arzni  1500  75 AMD
 Artik  7500  165 AMD
 Armavir  3500  95 AMD
 Artashat  2500  70 AMD
 Bjni  3500  95 AMD
 Garni  2500  105 AMD
 Gavar  7000  135 AMD
 Gyumri  9000  165 AMD
 Goris  17000  245 AMD
 Dilijan  6500  135 AMD
 Yeghegnadzor  8000  165 AMD
 Yeghvard  1500  70 AMD
 Echmiadzin  1500  70 AMD
 Ijevan  9000  165 AMD
 Tsakhkadzor  3500  105 AMD
 Tsakhkadzor  25000  345 AMD
 Hankavan  5000  135 AMD
 Hrazdan  3500  95 AMD
 Masis  1500  75 AMD
 Martuni  8500  165 AMD
 Metsamor  2500  90 AMD
 Meghri  30000  405 AMD
 Noyemberyan  14000  215 AMD
 Nor Hachn  2000  95 AMD
 Charentsavan  2500  95 AMD
 Ptghni  1000  65 AMD
 Jermuk  12000  225 AMD
 Sisian  14000  225 AMD
 Spitak  7000  140 AMD
 Stepanakert  25000  345 AMD
 Stepanavan  10000  165 AMD
 Sevan  4500  105 AMD
 Vayk  9000  175 AMD
 Vanadzor   8500  165 AMD
 Vardenis  11000  195 AMD
 Vedi  4000  105 AMD
 Jrvezh  600  35 AMD
 “Zvartnots” Airport  700  65 AMD
 Vahagni residential community  600  30 AMD
 Dzoraghbyur  1000  35 AMD
 Chambarak  10000  180 AMD
 Kharberd  1000 40 AMD
 Nubarashen  1000  

3. Drawing up, Status and History of Orders

When logged in, you can order your preferred product(s). The order will be confirmed or cancelled within 5-10 minutes. On your own website you can view the history and status of your order (“Current”, “Established”, “Not established”), as well as look through the total amount of the order.

4. Conditions of Delivery

The working hours of website – 10:00-19:00. The orders will be accepted at any time, but all the further actions (order confirmation, cancelling, delivery, etc.) will be carried out only during the working hours of website.

4.2. If you have forgotten to order some products after the checkout, which should be included in the order. In this case you can place a new order and got connected with us inform that this order should be delivered along with previous one. 

4.3. After the making of the application and its confirmation by Website it will be not possible to make any changes in the confirmed order (adding products, withdrawal of product, removal of the product), the order can only be removed completely.

4.4. In the frames of one order the goods can be delivered only to one address.

5. Payment

Modes of Payment

 There are several modes of payment on the website.

5.2. Cash. The cash payment is carrying out only at the moment of ordered products accept. You pay for your purchases and delivery service at the moment of order’s accept in cash. If you choose this mode of payment, after order’s confirmation by our side, you have to select among the correspondent payment modes the option “Cash” and accept it. Our delivery person at products acceptance will leave you the order’s invoice and cash register check. 

5.3. We do not accept payments in USD or other currency, as it is prohibited by the Armenian legislation.

5.4. Online. The online payment on website will be carried out with Master, Visa and Arca payment systems. 

5.5. For payment via those systems it is required to open there an account, invest in money, but if you are already registered with those systems, then after order’s confirmation by our side and being on the site of the given payment system, you have to log in and pay.

5.6. Bank transfer. After choice of this mode of payment you will see our account number, to which it will be needed to transfer the required money. 

5.7. The delivery will be carried out only after acceptance of amount on our account. Right after that our operator will contact you and clarify the concrete date and time for delivery. Along with order you will get correspondent invoice.

5.8. The prices of suggested products on our website are final and tax included.

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