Country of origin Italy
Producer Italy

A selection of 107 nuances of FreeLimix colorants to obtain a wide variety of shiny and long-lasting hair colourings. Professional colours rich in active principles, strong and pleasant. Colours that assure a total covering respecting, nourishing and moisturizing hair and scalp. Thanks to high vitamin contents and to selected pigments that act deeply, hair will be strong, shiny and soft.

  Wide selection of colors
  Pleasant aroma

Mix proportion.
1:1,5 in ratio - 100ml of FreLimix hair color + 150ml of FreeLimix peroxide (10Vol (3%), 20Vol (6%), 30Vol (9%), 40Vol (12%)).
Time exposure. 30 minutes.

For super mix proportion is.
1:2 in ratio - 100ml of FreeLimix hair color + 200ml of FreeLimix peroxide (40Vol (12%)).
Time exposure. 45 minutes.

Volume 100ml
Code FL 1
Price 2400 (AMD)

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