Country of origin Germany
Producer Germany

If the quality, simplicity and trendy design are for you the main criteria in choosing a clipper, then this machine is for you.

  Powerful vibrating motor
Durable, very quite and low vibration
  At home and in salon
Perfect choice both for haircutting at home, and at hairdressing salon
Power   15W
Blade set width   46mm
Cutting length   0,1-3mm
Comb guides   2 (4,5,9mm)
Coating   stainless steel
Cutting setting   regulator, comb guides
Power source   electric network
Motor speed   3000rpm
Dimensions   180x67x42mm
Weight   620g
Length of power cable   3m
Colour   gray
Comb guides   2pcs
Oil   1pc
Cleaning brush   1pc
Safety cap   1pc
Code 1188
Price 48000 (AMD)
Sailed price 42000 (AMD)

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