Country of origin Italy
Producer Italy

The warmer is designed for wax epilation procedures by using of standard wax cartridges of 100ml. Can be used both by professionals in the beauty salon and at home.

On/off button
Is used to turn on or off the warmer without need of cord.

Light indicator

1. Place the wax cartridge into the warmer. 
2. Connect the appliance to the network. 
3. In the lower part of the body should turn a lamp. 
4. Wax warms up to operating temperature for 10-15 minutes. 
5. Switch off the appliance. 
6. In the case of wax hardening while depilation, the appliance should be re-plugged on to the network. 
7. By use of cartridge roller apply evenly the wax on the skin and begin to remove the hair.

Power 35W
Indicator light
Color  + 
By buying this product You get a gift.     
Wax 100ml 1pc
Oil after depilation 60ml 1pc
Papers for waxing 25pcs
Code 1617
Price 3400 (AMD)
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